Where Daemons gather and perform dark rituals...

Favourite Links

ShadowsXElite - Youtube legend and gamer extraordinaire! (Unavailable)

Qballcc7 - Great online mate, very friendly, great game walkthroughs!

Skorch82 - Random cool games and a voice like Bruce Campbell!

Acantophis3rd - Vintage and classic games with a German accent...!

Acidglow - Anything from new games to golden oldies!

HannahGrahamOfficial - She sings, she plays the guitar and she's gorgeous!

xDisneyFreakx - Cool personality, big blue eyes and interesting videos!

CompletelyHopeless1 - My friend Kyle. He is really cool!

SkeletorIsSatan - Mark Laughton. Fellow gamer and Youtube uploader!

Necroscope86 - Wicked gamer, pleys all sorts!

Tatsudoshi - Wicked games with multiple commentators!

Astonlover94 - Cool videos and a great friend!

VioleTAK - Classic videos of the Korean StarCraft ProLeagues!

NoobCommentaries - The definitive place for amateur StarCraft commentaries!

Retsupurae - Retsupurae the Lets Play...with Slowbeef and Diabetus!

ChipCheezumSA - More Retsupurae fun...with Chip and Ironicus!



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