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Ok, so apparently there's a limit as to how much stuff can be put on the website (that sucks). So i am putting out a call...


I will be setting up a PayPal account soon, donations would be welcomed. And the more money i recieve, the more stuff i can put on the site!

I have to pay to expand, so if you want to see more content on here, i might need your help...



Hi guys!!

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02:20AM on 30th April 2011


Ok, so, this is MY first OFFICIAL Blog on the site...

Not much going on really, just making some final changes to the site layout and making sure everything works properly. I will attempt to record my welcome video today, the first of many Daemon-Central videos!


The site now has 4 controllers, Myself and my friend (Administrator) and we intend to keep this site friendly. Videos may remain for members only and a porn section might become an addition to the site, so if that happens, DO NOT view that section if you are under 18!


Thank you for visiting my site. Subscribe for an RSS feed if you want to (it should work)


Daryl (Site owner)

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